“Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years.”

Bill Gates

Within the last 10 years the amount of resilience I’ve been able to (forced to) build up is truly a blessing. There have been incredibly difficult times since my grandmother’s death, starting the charity and opening the safe haven. It’s still challenging and it’s been very saddening to witness some of the children’s struggles, particularly over the last year. Which is why I like this quote. It reminds us that generally we all want everything good to happen all at once, and it would be fantastic if it could be wrapped up and complete by the end of the year. When it doesn’t happen, or we see people in the tiniest amount of time achieve what we’ve been struggling to do for years, it can be discouraging. I remember feeling that way when some American missionaries came to St. Thomas for a week or so, and within just 3 days re-built a family home that had burnt down. To be fair, there were about 10 of them and only 1 of me, and so the feeling didn’t last long. Deep down I knew that things would take time and God has far better timing than I do.

Make your plans, and really aim high for yourself, your friends, family and the world itself, but think beyond the year that you’re in. By God’s Grace in 10 years, you’ll see what today’s patience, hard work and planning has done for you in 2030. Did you know your grandparents? What sacrifices and hardships did they face for you to be where you are today? Whether you agree with their decisions or not, would you be ‘you’ without them? Although in 10 years time most of us won’t have grandchildren, but thinking to the future, wouldn’t you like them to consider how the cumulative choices you made over the decades brought them to where they are today?

So, don’t be disheartened if you’re sick and you thought you would be better last year. Don’t be dismayed if you fail a course after you’ve tried your best, and have to prolong it til next year. Don’t be disappointed if you’re housing situation isn’t ideal, and it seems like it’ll take ‘years’ to sort out. Don’t be depressed if important relationships aren’t mended and restored within a year. Be grateful for where you are today, try your best and rest imagining just where you could be in years to come. Let your imagination run free.

This is the year of freedom, in fact any year can be just that.

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