Celebrating Autism Awareness Week at Our Jamaican Safe Haven

Autism Awareness Week, 2023 is a special one for us at Araba Scott Children’s Foundation! This year we are launching our guide to Lego® Therapy Workbook to the world, with the hope it enables others to understand it’s value, and how we have developed it at our Safe Haven. 

Our Safe Haven provides a nurturing environment where children can come together to build Lego® models, play, feel safe and work on their social communication skills. We have found Lego® therapy to be an effective form of play therapy for our autistic children and children with special needs.

Through Lego® therapy, our children are able to work collaboratively with their peers, taking on specific roles and learning to listen to each other’s perspectives. By working together towards a common goal, our children develop important social skills, including communication, teamwork, empathy, and active listening.

As a Foundation that serves a diverse population of children, including those with autism and additional needs, we recognise the importance of understanding their backgrounds and experiences. Lego® therapy has been effective in helping our team of educators, volunteers, parents and carers to understand how different social pressures intersect to impact our children and their families lived experiences.

Whilst not psychotherapy, Lego® Club has is also effective in helping us reduce anxiety for our children without autism. By providing a safe and structured environment, our children are able to engage in meaningful play that helps them regulate their emotions and reduce stress.

Why is this important? 

Jamaica has the highest murder rate in the Latin American region, and the risk of committing or falling victim to violent crime in adulthood, begins to form during childhood. Our ethos is about teaching, nurturing and protecting children, giving them hope for a better future and a positive view of themselves – and ultimately lowering that risk. With our Lego® Therapy approach we hope to achieve all three successfully.

Overall, we have found Lego® Club to be an effective intervention for our children, with and without autism, and children with special needs. We want to celebrate the achievements of our team of carers, educationalists, parents and children this Autism Awareness Week, and the best way to do that is to showcase to the world the advancements we have made with them through our Lego® Club.

To learn how to start your own Lego® Club and support children with and without autism, get a copy of our Lego® Therapy Workbook here today! 


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